Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day One

I just moved to the big city and as a typical born-and-raised country boy I'm quite excited. There are so many people here! I'm hoping to meet lots of interesting cityfolk and I will relate my experiences on this blog right here.

First thing I noticed today is that you're not supposed to say hi to random strangers. Back home, where everyone knows everyone, you're weird if you don't say hi, but here you'll get stink eye for it. When getting on the bus, the driver tolerated a 'hi', but the girl sitting in the middle just looked at me in confusion.

Anyway, going to settle in now and keep my eyes and ears open for things to post.


  1. I know that feeling man. You say hi to someone on the street round about here and you just get given one of those "Please go away" looks.

  2. I know what you mean, moving from the Midwest to Fort Lauderdale, FL was a huge culture shock to me, I ahd a friend visit and we used to drive around and try and get people to wave back at us only about one an hour actualy would, shit was funny with a partner in crime