Monday, December 6, 2010

My time in jail (7)

My mom was scanned and searched like every other visitor and I got to see her for half an hour under the supervision of two guards and three cameras. There are seats for 9 inmates, each inmate can receive 4 adults and 2 children at a time. No one actually had 6 people coming to see them, but the room was still pretty full. It's just a regular room with a U-shaped 3-foot high wooden wall keeping the inmates and the family members separate (the inmates sitting inside the U-shape, the family members on the outside).

Seeing my mom made things a bit emotional for me and I was sorta relieved when the half hour was up. Afterwards every inmate is searched again to make sure nothing is smuggled in. They have this chance-generator box on the wall with a red and green light that tells you whether the guards just check your pockets or whether it's cavity search time. You have to push the button yourself and then hope the green light turns on. Thankfully, the guards didn't feel like doing a cavity search that day, since they gave me the option to either push the button and try my chances, or just go with the green light that was already burning from a lucky previous inmate.

Although the cavity search does not include fingers up the butthole as you'd sometimes read, you do have to strip fully naked, let the guards check your mouth and behind your testicles and squat three times. Naturally, I chose to go with the green light.

Next post will be the last one!

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